A Peaceful Place Massage Therapy
Brenda Dettrey, LMT

Services & Rates



Relax  ~  Rejuvenate  ~  Renew

With every massage, a variety of techniques are used to customize and create the most beneficial & relaxing session for you



 Scalp, neck & shoulder massage w/ a Spa Foot Treatment  includes a 40 min. relaxing & rejuvenating massage of the Scalp, Face, Neck &  Shoulders, Arms & Hands.   A 20 min. luxurious Spa Foot Treatment completes your session. This includes an exfoliating foot scrub, your feet wrapped in hot steamed towels & a foot and calf massage,  all while you relax  in heated comfort as soothing music calms the mind.  This session targets your "tension" areas and is perfect for clients who dont like to lay face down

60 min. $80.00  





 Serenity Massage   You will feel "totally pampered" with the Serenity Massage!  Our most popular session... includes aroma therapy, hot steamed towels on your neck & shoulders and a 60 min full body massage.  Followed by a 15 min luxurious foot treatment that includes a  foot scrub,  your feet wrapped in hot steamed towels & a rich moisturizing  cream massaged into your feet! 

75 min ~  $100.00 




Hot Stone Massage    This is a very relaxing and rejuvenating session that will melt your stress away as hot basalt stones are incorporated into your massage.  Heat is very beneficial in helping to relax & release chronic tension in the muscles.

 60 min.  - $85.00

75 min.  -  $100.00  

90 min. -  $115.00



Prenatal Massage

"Moms to be" need extra special care!

A gentle, nurturing & relaxing massage to soothe the aches, pains and stress associated with pregnancy.  Performed in the side-lying position, the most comfortable & safe position for both Mom and baby.  Soft blankets and pillows are also used to add to your comfort and relaxation.  ** Please consult with your physician prior to scheduling your pre-natal massage.

60 min.  -  $70.00



Custom Massage Therapy


Swedish/Relaxation  ~  A slow, flowing, nurturing & relaxing massage with light to medium/firm pressure.  Your mind & body will feel at peace ... relaxed & rejuvenated.  

 30 min. - $40.00 

60 min. - $70.00

75 min. - $85.00

90 min. - $100.00

120 min. - $140.00 

**Choose an "Add On" to customize & enhance your Swedish massage!  Aroma therapy, hot towels, foot scrub, back scrub.  Please mention what Add On you would like when scheduling your appointment - thanks!** 



 Aroma Therapy: $10.00  ~  Essential oils from Eden's Garden  (click to learn more!)

Lavender - Aroma helps promote relaxation, sleep, calmness, peacefulness

Peppermint - Fresh nostalgic aroma inspires a sense of peace and positivity.  Cooling sensation on the skin

Good Night -  A blend to soothe & calm you in to relaxation... Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Chamomile, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Key Lime, Vanilla

Citrus Cream - A blend to promote joy and rejuvenate your senses  ... Sweet Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, Clementine, Vanilla



 Steamed Hot towels:    Neck & Shoulders and/or low back   $5.00    

Provides moist heat that penetrates deep into the muscles. Promotes deeper relaxation.



Foot Scrub: $20.00  

Add an extra 10 minute to your massage with an exfoliating & moisturizing sugar scrub... includes hot towels on the feet!

My sugar scrubs are hand made by me using all natural/organic ingredients & pure essential oils.  


Back Scrub:  $20.00

The one "hard to reach" area of the body... This exfoliating & moisturizing scrub will leave your back glowing.  Hot towels are used to remove your scrub, which feels very relaxing and kind of amazing!  Your back scrub will add an extra 10 minutes to your massage session. 




Couples Massage

Enjoy a massage together... Perfect for couples or friends!  The above "Add Ons" are available for couples sessions too (prices are per person for add ons)

60 min ~  $145.00



        Chair Massage for the Workplace and Events


                "Brenda helping sports fans relax at The York Revolution baseball game!"

This massage takes place in a specifically designed chair while you remain fully clothed and oils or lotions are not necessarily required.  Massage will focus on the upper body areas... head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and back.  Sessions can be 5 min to 30 min in length

               Chair massage is a great benefit to add to your workplace and takes no longer than a coffee break to feel the benefits... employees who are less stressed are more productive! 

                Is your company having a health fair?  Chair massage is a perfect addition!  This service is also available for any type of event or party... for example... festivals, bridal parties, special events, senior centers,  etc!  

 Prices can be set up by the session or by the hour.  Please contact me for more information or any questions you may have.